From the heart today.

I was going to push myself to write out the cornbread recipe to go with the chili from last week, 100° fever and all.  And then I thought, why do I put so much pressure on myself to do these posts?  I know you guys like them, & may even love them, but is torturing myself in the process very healthy at all?  Probably not.

I have a very strong work ethic, always have, always will.  I have NEVER burned any of my bridges, and can without a doubt tell you that I could go back to any of my previous jobs if I wanted to because I didn’t burn any bridges.  My father instilled very early on in me my work ethic and taught me never to abuse “calling out” sick.  Only call out sick if you are truly sick.  Sometimes this had the opposite effect in terms of guilt.  Even if I was sick, I always felt the need to justify it, and half the time I would still go to work anyway because I felt I was letting everyone down.  I even felt guilty during my 1st maternity leave.  I mean seriously, I was having a BABY, but still felt guilty for not going to work!

But that was the old Melissa.

This new Melissa has let a lot go, for the better.  I don’t know if it’s post-kids, and life is more unpredictable than ever, or because I’m older & possibly wiser ;)

Well, I’ve decided to take a sick day today (well, kinda, does mom ever really get a sick day? HA!), and to not write a cornbread post today, because honestly, this flu is KICKIN’ my butt :)

So, Shel Silverstein, I am honoring your birthday today by listening to my voice :) Happy Birthday, Shel Silverstein!


3 responses to “From the heart today.

  1. Sharon Tucker

    I am glad that you listened to your voice – feel better soon! Mom

  2. Jenny

    And you have my support completely. Get better soon.

  3. Love it. We must take care of ourselves. Kudos to you for doing just that.

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