genius mama moment: colorful corral

Bright idea #3…well, who’s counting?

Maybe there is more in the vault…who knows?

I guess you will have to wait & see (I gotta keep ya guessing ;)

Besides the average bag holder guess what these snazzy-jazzy IKEA plastic bag dispensers can be used for…hmmmm

This is before.

Soooo sad…poor sad paper :(

This is after!

How happy do they look?  Can you see it?  My wrapping paper is smiling now!  When my wrapping paper smiles…I smile :)

♥  and here’s why this rocks & why you should do it  ♥

  1. The holders are only $2 at IKEA…woot woot!!!

  2. It clears up your floors.

  3. No more big, bulky wrapping paper holders with useless tops because of the rolls that are too long.

  4. It tames the messiness.

  5. You can see all of your paper now; no little ones hiding on the bottom.

  6. You can organize them by size, color, or season.

  7. It looks pretty!

Need I say more?  Yet another reason to ♥ IKEA!


genius mama moment: scarf-tastic

I know what you are thinking it is now June.  Why is this silly mama writing about scarves?!  Well, I’ll tell you why – for one, it’s a genius mama moment, and I feel like those moments need to be screamed from the rooftops!  And two, now is the perfect time, with all this heat we’ve been having, to get the scarves out of your drawer, and utilize them in the summer too, FOR DECORATION!

See…dual purposes…I’m all about the dual purpose of things, in this case, decoration & utilization!  (And if it breaks into a third purpose, well then my mind is completely blown away ;)

So open those drawers, pull out all those pretty scarves – LET’S SEE THEM – we are going to hang them on your wall!

What’s that you say?  What’s this silly mama talking about?  Well, it’s about to get scarf-tastic up in here!

This is my dresser before (and yours, too, right?)…I can’t see my scarves I always forget they are in there…awwww, pretty scarves hiding away never to be used, so sad :(

Now with just a couple of screws, a random curtain rod hanging out in the corner of the garage, and a couple of knots…

voilà…pretty scarves on display…see, now even the scarves are happy :)

Genius Mama Moment: paint palette

Every so often I have these bright ideas; let’s call them “genius mama moments”. They are called genius mama moments because, as I am sure you can all attest to, these moments, well they are quite rare – post kids ;) Something about the kiddos eating up your brain…for example…I may or may not remember to put deodorant on (apologizing ahead of time!)…but I sure could sing you the theme song to the Wonderpets…you know, you have priorities – HA! These great ideas usually come to me of all places in the shower…hmmm, wait…this is all starting to make sense now…my only time ALONE is when bright ideas happen…sounds like the answer may be to take more showers every day ;) Well, my genius mama moments seem to be more frequent these days. Maybe it’s because of this blog & the ability to exit this information onto paper and leave my over-filled brain that it allows more room for this…hmmm!

Sooooo, what do you think this is the perfect thing for, other than an artist’s paint palette?  Why, a cupcake decorating station for little miss V, OF COURSE!!!! YAY!

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