product LOVE: Dunck stacking bath toys by Skip Hop

One of my guilty pleasures is kids’ consignment sales.  I love going to them, I love volunteering at them (for the sole purpose of getting in to shop early & checking out the goods beforehand), I love selling at them, & I definitely LOVE, I mean ♥ ♥ ♥ shopping at them & finding “that” deal – you know the one you just couldn’t live without ;)  So, I think it’s clear now, I enjoy kids’ consignment sales ;)  Needless to say, I really don’t pay full price for toys EVER (unless it’s something little miss V HAS.TO.HAVE or something that was given as a gift).  No joke, I would say 90% of the toys the kiddos own I purchased at kids’ consignment sales in pristine condition – it’s really amazing what people give up at these things – most items are barely used.

Okay, sidetracked AGAIN!  Point being, if I’m buying a new toy, it better be awesome-er than awesome!

That’s how I feel about these Dunck stacking bath toys by Skip Hop.  It’s such a simple concept, but it really hits the nail on the head when it comes to complete kiddo love.

Usually bath-time is both kiddos in the tub & V gets the blue one & T gets the green and yellow ones.  V is currently obsessed with blue – EVERYTHING has to be blue – blue cups, blue straws, blue plates, blue kitty cats (let me clarify – stuffed, not real – I didn’t want you to think we go around dyeing kitty cats here :), etc., etc.  I think you get the picture!  BUT, in these pics T was all alone & had ALL the stackers to himself – lucky boy!

So what is a Dunck stacking bath toy?  Well, here are some fun things you can do with them in the tub:

  • stack them in the tub – HA!
  • stack them for storage
  • chew on them ;) (T’s favorite)
  • scoop water in, pour water out (simple enough, but V will do this over & over & over & over & over!)
  • use it to wash their hair
  • use it to pour water over little brother’s head (the outcome was not pleasant, as you can imagine)
  • float them
  • make them quack in the water, they are shaped like ducks after all – that’s reason enough – upgrade from the sad rubber ducky to these! ;)
  • enjoy the beautiful design & super fun colors of them

I think you get the drift…they are the one bath toy in our house that is played with EVERY NIGHT.  Don’t worry – I WILL be keeping them in pristine condition to resell at consignment later down the road ;)

Here’s their website for more info:

And full disclosure moment:  I am not paid for my review/opinion of this product.  These are strictly my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a product I love.


product LOVE: cool cones

Cool Cones are PRETTY DARN COOL!!!

I tried these out for the first time this weekend & let little miss V go-to-town with her frozen yogurt on the deck.  She loved pushing it up & down to get the ice cream.  It took her a couple of tries to get it, but after that she was SOLD (“more cream mama, more cream”…aww the frozen yogurt was melting & so was my heart :)  Now I would love to tell you that I made homemade frozen yogurt or ice cream from scratch (believe me, I would love to), but yeah right, that is not happening anytime soon…ice cream machines are white elephants, like bread makers, rice cookers, & s’mores makers…they end up in the abyss of darkness way, way, way back in the cupboard gathering dust.  So for me, non-homemade ice cream mama, I love the fact that you can just buy a carton of ice cream or frozen yogurt, and that it appears homemade – now that’s ♥!  All you do is remove the cap, pull the handle all the way down, & scoop it into the frozen yogurt/ice cream…and voilà…a magical treat for the little ones – or you!

I also found the best way to use the Cool Cones is to scoop it out before dinner, therefore tempting said kiddos to finish their din-din while watching yummy frozen yogurt/ice cream being scooped, and cap it off & stick in the freezer – reason being, it melts pretty fast, this way it will give them a head start ;)

Why do I ♥ thee Cool Cones let me count the ways:

  • they are reusable (YAY for saving the environment!)
  • they are top rack dishwasher safe (do I need to say more…this translates to less stuff you have to hand wash…YIPEEE!)
  • the push pop style makes it easy-peasy for the kiddos (little miss V is 2 1/2 & figured it out after a couple of messy tries :)
  • the cap doubles as a stand (you know so you can take pictures of it in my case – HA! – I can’t imagine that around youngsters that it would be standing for too long!)
  • they are freezable
  • you can make your own frozen concoctions, too.  Get all creative, man…you could use Greek yogurt, regular yogurt…make a smoothie & freeze it into pops…shove some baby food in that sucker & let the wee little ones go-to-town…see, so many ideas!!!

You can go to their website (linked below) & they provide retail locations to purchase them, but they also sell them on Amazon as well.  I purchased mine at Wegmans, a local grocery store :)

Here’s their website for more info:

And full disclosure moment:  I am not paid for my review/opinion of this product.  These are strictly my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a product I love.


product LOVE: I heart Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic nail polish.  When I was first introduced to Piggy Paint I wasn’t entirely convinced of the whole “natural” fluff tag attached to it (I mean, we painted our nails with nail polish that came with our Barbies in the 80’s.  If anything was toxic, that sure was– my fingers should still be glowing!)

So, until I was at a store selling Piggy Paint, and they had these Styrofoam plates with swatches of all the colors painted to show you the colors, I was not a believer in said “natural” fluff Piggy Paint.

The store had one set of four Styrofoam plates taped together for regular (TOXIC!) nail polish & one set of four Styrofoam plates taped together for the Piggy Paint samples…WELL, LET ME TELL YOU…that scared me straight!!!  The regular (TOXIC!) nail polish ATE through three Styrofoam plates (I mean, when I say ATE, I could clearly see through the gaping HOLE, through to the bottom plate, OMG!)…the Piggy Paint, ummm…not so much.  I am now a super “natural” fluff nail polish freak!

  • Yes, the bottles cost $10 a pop, plus tax (YIKES!)
  • Yes, the nail polish wipes off if you make a mistake, with the simple rub of a baby wipe (or in bath water if not completely dried :).
  • And yes, the nail polish lasts all of 6 hours (or less) on a toddler’s little hands.
  • And yes, yes, & yes…I heart natural-fluffiness :)
  • So yes, from now on, little Miss V will only have Piggy Paint adorning her sweet little fingers :)

Here’s their website for more info:

And full disclosure moment:  I am not paid for my review/opinion of this product.  These are strictly my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a product I love.


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