subway art sign: beach print

Let’s start Monday off right – still in beach-y mode, with a fun subway art sign! :)

I have been meaning to update my rotating pictures in my kitchen (sad, but true, it’s July & the sign that this new one replaced was about bunnies, you know, as in “Easter bunnies” – HA!)

So, I thought I’d do double duty!  I have a fun new printable I designed for you guys & an excuse to update my frame for summertime.

There is still some time left – I’m cutting it quite close though :) Well, at this rate I’ll leave it up until Thanksgiving & have a new one for you then…heheehe :)

So, without further ado, here’s the pretty little sign I whipped up for ya – ENJOY!

FREE printable beach print subway art sign (sized 8×10 with the border).

(click on the button for a printable PDF file):

Beach Print Free Printable

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Please read here before you download any of mama miss’s PDF files…thanks, man!


edible fun: the beach

I thought we’d continue with my little mama♥miss beach themed week.

Here’s a fun little meal I made for V that’s all about the beach!

There is sand, there is sun, there are sea shells, there are palm trees (it’s a tropical beach!), and there are little fishies!

Well, let’s see…this little meal includes:

  • avocados
  • organic chicken breaded patty
  • graham cracker crumbs
  • chocolate candy sea shells (I got mine at Wegmans, in their bulk candy aisle, they are similar to these on Amazon :)
  • baby goldfish (I ♥ the mini ones – they are super-duper cute!)
  • bananas
  • sharp cheddar cheese slice

See, it’s healthy (well, somewhat) & cute – and what matters most is V was able to tell it was the beach!

That’s always the final “cherry on top” moment – if V gets it, then I’ve done it right! :)


And where does little miss V head to first on the plate?

The chocolate sea shells, OF COURSE!

tutorial: beach in a jar

I grew up about 30 minutes from the beach.  I was always there as a kid playing in the sand, as a teenager laying out with my friends, and as a twenty-something shopping & laying out.  I love the beach – I mean, who doesn’t?!  The one thing I don’t love about the beach is the sand you find everywhere afterwards.  It isn’t until you get home and take a full, deep, cleansing shower that you will completely rid yourself of all things sand.

Well, with this activity, you can bring the sand home, but it stays in a pretty little jar.  No shower is needed ;)

So, let’s make a "beach in jar"!

What, you might ask, is a "beach in a jar"?  Well, with some jars, sand, shells, and sea glass, we’ll put it together to make our very own "beach in a jar".  This is a fun activity for the kiddos to learn about the beach & and enjoy a sensory experience playing with the sand & shells – yippee!

This is also something you can make with the kiddos as a memento from your favorite beach or a family vacation spot :)

Supplies you will need:

  • jars (I repurposed baby food jars –  little T went through them like a starving cheetah!)
  • sand (I acquired mine from the actual beach – HA! – really, I’m NOT joking, I filled up a grocery bag full of sand & brought it back home with me!  But, if you are not crazy like me, they do sell sand at craft stores or Amazon too.)
  • sea glass (you can buy it by the bag at craft stores or Amazon)
  • sea shells (you can also get this in a bag at craft stores or Amazon)
  • washi tape (for the label) – check out my washi tape board for other cool ideas for using washi tape!)
  • white address labels (for the words on the washi tape)
  • circle labels (for the kids names on the top – I used these 1 1/4” round labels in “gravel” from Paper Source)
  • hemp cord (for jar decoration)

Now, by no means do you have to do all of these things…but my over-achiever-ness, detail oriented mind can’t stop :)

Tools you will need:

  • hot glue gun & glue (to seal the lid of the jar shut when you are done, because they will want to bring it EVERYWHERE, and you don’t want that sand EVERYWHERE, do you?)
  • cup (for sea glass & shells)
  • bowl (for sand)
  • spoon (to scoop sand)
  • white high gloss spray paint (to spray the lids of the jars the night before)
  • dust buster (to vacuum up sand – okay, now I’m micro managing – okay, I’ll stop now ;)

Happy beachin’ sand-free! :)

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